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Open Farm School Days

Throughout June 2016Open Farm School Days logo

Welcome to Open Farm School Days – a nationwide initiative to get children out onto farms and learning about where their food comes from. Throughout June, farms will be opening their gates and hosting educational visits for children to learn about how their food is grown, where it comes from and meeting the farmers who grow it.

Open Farm School Days run alongside the annual Open Farm Sunday on 5th June 2016. A number of farmers do both! Thanks to the support from our sponsors, it is free of charge to participate in Open Farm School Days and Open Farm Sunday.

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About the visits

We are not being prescriptive about how to arrange the school visit.  It is up to you the type of visit you organise - whether it is a couple of hours, half day or full day visit; with one school or multiple schools.  Your farm will have lots of different learning opportunities which should support the teacher’s work plan and help them to deliver the curriculum.  We advise you talk to the teachers, tell them about your farm and the exciting learning opportunities to inspire and engage the children, and together agree a plan for the farm visit.  We strongly recommend that the teacher does a pre-visit, however this may not always be possible.

Links with the curriculum

Farms can be an inspiring venue for children to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence, whilst finding out about food production and the vital role farmers have enhancing the environment.  A farm visit can support lots of curriculum subjects from Geography, History, Design & Technology, and PSHE and citizenship through to English, Mathematics and Science.  Lots of great teaching and learning resources about farming and food have been developed for use in schools and on farms – see the Help and Support section for more information.

Case studies

Read about how some farmers organise school visits.

Map of farms that opened for Open Farm School Days 2015

Here is a map of all the farms that opened for Open Farm School Days 2015:

Working in partnership

There is a long tradition of farmers welcoming school children on to their farms and lots of help available from many organisations engaged with supporting school visits throughout the year.  By coming together as part of Open Farm School Days we can collectively raise awareness of the educational opportunities available on farms, and encourage more farmers to engage with schools and invite children and teachers to visit.

LEAF is working in partnership with organisations who work in this field throughout the year including RHET (Royal Highland Education Trust), FACE (Farming and Countryside Education), Countryside LearningThe Country Trust and AHDB (Agriculture And Horticulture Development Board).

Open Farm School Days runs alongside Open Farm Sunday which is celebrating its 10th anniversary on 7th June 2015.

Further information

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