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What visitors think

At LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) we have been reviewing some of the wonderful feedback from Open Farm Sunday since it began back in 2006!  It's a brilliant project that we're really proud of, so we're really grateful of all the praise and constructive comments we receive each year.
We asked 2015 visitors "What was the most enjoyable part of your visit?"  Here is a selection of their responses...
  • The whole experience!
  • Farm Tour and excellent informative commentary
  • Seeing my son's excitement at sitting in tractors and a combine
  • The whole event, absolutely enjoyable
  • Seeing the animals and how well-looked after they are. 
  • Farm trail and the tea and cake!
  • Tractor Ride
  • Talking with the farmers themselves
  • We had an excellent trailer ride to see how the organic pigs were kept and learnt so much from the farmer who stopped the tractor to discuss how the organic pig and arable farm worked at various intervals throughout the trailer ride. They were also very accommodating to young children, elderly, disabled people and vegans!
  • Seeing the new parts of the farm that I wouldn't normally be able to see
  • The farm walk which gave the most breath taking views - it was a priviledge to see them
  • Seeing the animals close up, walking in the woodland, activities for children - the farmer had gone to a huge effort to make everyone welcome with lots to see and do
  • Being able to meet the farm staff, getting close to the animals, stalls selling local produce.
  • sitting in a tractor absolutely great and close up to the cows.  Thankyou.
  • Seeing the sheep being shod
  • Picking up the baby chicks and ducklings and the walking tour
  • An insight into farming, the joy of my 18month son seeing the animals for real, a real family/community buzz
  • The whole day was brilliantly organised, and everyone was so helpful and informative.  Can't wait for next year!
  • All of it!
  • Chatting to the people who had come along to gives talks and displays
  • Watching my children enjoy getting hands on - particularly my son being able to climb up onto the tractors.
  • Non commercial fun
  • It was all excellent
  • Spending time in a relaxed environment, away from the hustle & bustle of city life. 
  • Very organised and plenty to see and do for all ages
  • Tractor and Trailer Ride through the fields, learning about crops
  • A walk around the farm & listening to James Fanshawe's talk.
  • Machinery demonstrations
  • Watching milking
  • Seeing my son's enthusiasm and interest in the machinery
  • Tractor tour with a talk about farming
  • Being part of the farm's day and appreciating their great efforts
  • Meeting the farmer and seeing young children enjoying and learning about farming
  • It was all fascinating. So pleased we went
  • Very welcoming hosts
  • The passion & knowledge of the farmers.
  • Everything
  • Demonstrations and combine harvester
  • Tractor ride. Son very pleased to 'earn' his seeds by collecting stamps.
  • Seeing my children learn about and appreciate farming.
  • To many to mention, however seeing a pregnant cows scan and learning about crops on the tractor ride
  • Getting close to the cows, watching the milking and the tractor ride
  • Seeing the kids faces when the cows were being milked and the hands on learning experience for them
  • Eating hog roast baps, seeing the tractors, collecting the free recipes, being given crisps and parsnips, have coffee and cake and supporting St Giles Hospice. Seeing children happily playing in the sunshine.
  • The children loved being able to sit on some of the machinery 
  • Seeing the cows being milked, absolutely fascinating. 
  • Watching my children learn about farming.
  • The home produced burgers
  • Relaxed family time, trailer ride
  • Guided walk around the farm. Seeing the children learning new things and enjoying themselves
  • All of it
  • Seeing the new born calf (born that day)
  • Showing my children, and them learning about farming. Was a really fantastic trip and we will definitely return.
  • Seeing my children enjoy listening to the farmer and seeing animals
  • Seeing a real working farm
  • The tractor and trailer ride with the farmer - I loved hearing him talk about his farm.
  • Children holding piglets and receiving free carrots parsnips and vegetable crisps to try 
  • Being with family enjoying the fresh air and seeing the animals
  • Seeing the cows being milked
  • Sitting on tractors and watching cows being milked
  • Seeing it in "working" mode
  • Pond dipping and tractor ride 
  • Everything
  • Seeing the Highland Cattle and any cows
  • All of it
  • That it was made interesting and fun for all ages 
  • All of it, we go there every year and it's brilliant 
  • Seeing the calming effect the animals had on my children and the freedom of the space available.
  • watching my children run around and field and the children exploring the static farm machinery 
  • social gathering 
  • Showing our daughter where her milk came from.
  • Everything! Had a fab time 
  • Trailer ride and seeing the cows being milked
  • Strawberry tasting
  • Meeting the owner
  • Seeing the children get involved
  • My daughter getting excited about sitting on a tractor
  • Seeing how a farm works 
  • Tractor ride - thanks to Richard
  • Variety of things to see and do, my daughter enjoyed disecting an owl pellet and has already told her class about it.

Thank you to everyone!