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Open Farm School Days
Monday 2nd to Friday 13rd June 2014

Open Farm School Days logoExtending the reach and impact of Open Farm Sunday...

Alongside the hundreds of farms that will be open on Open Farm Sunday 8th June 2014,  farmers across Britain are being encouraged to host school visits as part of Open Farm School Days.  In fact a number of farmers do both!

Between the 2nd and 13th June lots of farms will host visits for local schools to help children gain a better understanding of where their food comes from.  We appreciate that some farmers will be experienced hosts who already welcome teachers and children onto their farm, however we also plan to support host farmers who are new to hosting school visits.

Molescroft Farm Open Farm School DayGet involved!
It is up to you the type of school visit you organise - whether it is a half day or full day visit, with one school or multiple schools.
If you have already organised an Open Farm School Days school visit please email LEAF with some basic details about the event/s.
If you are planning to host a school visit for the first time and you would like some help and support, please get in touch.
If you would like further information please email LEAF.
About Open Farm School Days
Following the successful pilot of Open Farm School Days in 2013 we are now rolling it out across Britain. The aim is to:
1.      to encourage schools to seek the opportunities of learning out on farm
2.      to build stronger and long term links between schools and farmers
3.      to understand better the barriers and opportunities of encouraging children out on farm
4.      to engage children and inspire them to encourage their families to go out on farm on Open Farm Sunday
5.      to further promote existing resources and understand where there are potential gaps and develop more resources
6.      to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence of Open Farm Sunday farmers to support them to host safe and engaging school visits.
Farmers who are interested in hosting an Open Farm School Days visit, and for all other enquiries, please contact:
Annabel Shackleton, Open Farm Sunday Manager
LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming)  Reg. charity no. 1045781
Tel: 024 7641 3911   Mob: 079 1246 3151