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Technical tools for farmers

LEAF produces a range of practical management tools for farmers to help them
take up Integrated Farming. These include:
  • LEAF Audit – an environmental health check. It helps record, evaluate and improve your farming practices against the standards of Integrated Farm Management.
  • Technical events - a number of practical, ‘hands-on’ field events for farmers are also held throughout the year
  • Speak Out – an initiative to provide farmers  with the communication skills and the know how to explain ‘what they do and why they do it’, through a CD-Rom through to half day, one day and two day  training courses.
  • Notice boards – thirty different robust and waterproof boards to help you, and your fields, explain the agriculture that consumers can trust, farmers are proud of and is good for wildlife and the landscape.
To find out more about LEAF’s technical tools visit our website by clicking here