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Meet our farmer heroes

Hundreds of farmers across the country organise Open Farm Sunday events to showcase the fantastic job they do. We've picked out just a few of our farming heroes across the country, which you can read all about below!

Russell Smith Farms, Nr Cambridge
Based in south Cambridgeshire, Russell Smith Farms is a family run business, located around the Imperial War Museum and spans over 2,500 acres. Our farm has developed from being a typical cereal farm, to one specializing in the production of premium quality vegetables, including potatoes and onions which we supply to Waitrose, Marks and Spencer, Asda and The Co-operative.   Read more...


Rowley Farm, Nr Slough
The story behind your milk and cereal:  Rowley Farm is a green oasis just north of Slough and is home to our herd of 200 pedigree Jersey cows. We grow cereals including wheat, barley, oats and maize. Prime Sussex cows are also kept producing top quality traceable British beef.  Read more...


West Craigie Farm, Nr Edinburgh
The story behind your strawberry jam and bread (not to mention vegetables and even whisky!) We are a mixed, family run farm of 260 acres, growing a wide range of soft fruit including strawberries and raspberries, vegetables and cereals, much of which is used locally. Some of the 70 tonnes of soft fruit is used to make jam which is sold in our farm shop, along with the vegetables we also produce.  Read more...

Hollow Tree Farm, Suffolk
The story behind your Sunday Roast and many meals besides… We are a mixed farm which means we not only grow vegetables but also produce beef, pork and lamb – in other words many of the foods you might enjoy as part of your Sunday Roast.  Read more...


Densholme Care Farm, Nr Hull
Densholme Care Farm is an organic farm spread over 226 acres in Great Hatfield, Hull. Our farm is primarily arable which means we grow crops such as wheat but we also have livestock. An increasing area of the farm is used to help those with learning difficulties and mental health problems and one of the ways we do this is to help them to connect with the countryside and the food we produce.  Read more...


Hazel House Farm, Nr Leeds
Here on our 160 hectare farm we grow a range of arable crops such as wheat, barley, oilseed rape and beans. The wheat is used in the production of biscuits, starch and glucose production or is used to make fuel; our oilseed rape is used in the production of margarine and industrial oils; our barley is sometimes used to make malt for the brewing industry. We think it is important for the public to understand the story behind their food which is why we are opening for Open Farm Sunday.   Read more...

Frogmary Green Farm, Somerset
On Open Farm Sunday you will be able to see how we produce two of the nation’s favourite foods – chicken and potatoes!  We produce 250 acres of potatoes at Frogmary Green Farm and grow many of the varieties you will find in your local supermarket. On the farm tour you will learn how we prepare the soil before we plant potatoes and what it takes to look after the crop.  Read more...

Hainey Farm, Ely
Based near Ely in Cambridgeshire, G’s is the one of the UK’s biggest salad producers. From leafy salads to celery and radishes, John Shropshire and his team grow a huge range of salad crops and vegetables that are supplied to many supermarkets across the country.  So if you have ever crunched on a piece of celery, munched on a radish, or enjoyed a meal with leafy salad leaves, Read more...



Here are some of our 2012 farming heroes...

Jeremy Padfield
Church Farm, Stratton on the Fosse

"Church Farm is mainly arable, which means I grow crops like wheat, barley and oilseed rape – which are destined to be used in a variety of foods from flour and bread to breakfast cereals, beer and cooking oil.  So if you have ever wondered about how your favourite breakfast cereal is grown or are curious about what goes into your pint of beer or loaf of bread, Open Farm Sunday is a fantastic opportunity to find out more – from the farmers themselves! 

Managing the environment on and around Church Farm is a big priority for my family and partly why we choose to be members of LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming), the organisers of Open Farm Sunday. We also belong to LEAF because we share its commitment to helping everyone, of all ages, understand more about their food and farming. We’ve arranged lots for everyone to see and do at our farm on Open Farm Sunday, including a Pollinator Survey – which we will be taking part in, along with many other farms across the country. ‘Pollinators’ such as bees, beetles and butterflies are really important to farmers, as crops pollinated by these insects help to feed  billions of people every day. This is the first ever national farm Pollinator Survey and I am inviting visitors to take part in this scientific survey which will help the farming industry have a better understanding of these vital insects."