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 View details of 'Roadside Banner & Digit' Roadside Banner & Digit22.00 ex VAT

These are large 8ft x 3ft vinyl banners to be put up next to busy roads or outside the farm entrance two or three weeks before the big day.

 View details of 'Roadside Banner Digit' Roadside Banner Digit1.40 ex VAT

Number '8' to stick on to your roadside banner to display the correct date for 2014.  They come with instructions on how to attach them to your banner.

 View details of 'LEAF Gate Banners' LEAF Gate Banners35.00 ex VAT

Large vinyl banners promoting LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming).

 View details of 'Official Hosts Open Farm Sunday Polo Shirts' Official Hosts Open Farm Sunday Polo Shirts12.50 ex VAT

The official Open Farm Sunday branded polo shirt for host farmers and their helpers to wear at registered events.

 View details of 'T-shirts - Childrens' T-shirts - Childrens8.00 ex VAT

The official children's Open Farm Sunday T-shirt.

 View details of 'T-shirts - Adults' T-shirts - Adults9.50 ex VAT

The official Open Farm Sunday T-shirt for adults.

 View details of 'Baseball Caps' Baseball Caps8.00 ex VAT

The official Open Farm Sunday baseball cap.

 View details of 'Roadside Arrow ' Roadside Arrow 2.50 ex VAT

A durable waterproof, double sided sign for you to produce an arrow (600mm x 200mm).

 View details of 'Date board (600mm x 400mm)' Date board (600mm x 400mm)£7.00 ex VAT

Durable waterproof sign (600mm x 400mm) printed one side in colour with the Open Farm Sunday logo, the date and principal sponsor's logos.