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2015 dates

  • Open Farm Sunday 7th June 2015
  • Open Farm School Days throughout June 2015

Invitation to all farmers
Get involved!



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Why get involved

At LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) we are proud of Open Farm Sunday. Since we organised the first Open Farm Sunday in 2006, over one million people have visited a farm on this special day.

Feedback each year shows that Open Farm Sunday has a real, positive impact raising the profile of the industry and bringing communities together. Over 95% of farmers who take part report real business benefits.

Three reasons to get involved with Open Farm Sunday

  1. Show the public the ins and outs of farming and food production
  2. Connect with your local community
  3. Raise your profile and increase sales

You can also learn new marketing skills, build staff morale, improve the public’s understanding of why farming matters and promote the many career opportunities across the sector.

About Open Farm Sunday

Open Farm Sunday is all about showing the public what you do on your farm and helping them to understand how their food is produced. You don’t have to plan an event for hundreds of people, an event featuring a short farm walk with neighbours makes a great Open Farm Sunday event. The size, type of event and timing is all up to you!  We ask that each farm registers their event - a simple process that is free of charge.

Once registered you can access lots of support through a wide range of FREE resources, and you'll be sent a FREE copy of the all-important Open Farm Sunday Host Farmers' Handbook.

Read our host farmer case studies to get some ideas and top tips.

What should I do next?

From 1st December 2014 you will be able to Register your event online here. To ensure you are kept up to date with the latest Open Farm Sunday news and all the FREE information and resources available to you.  By registering, details of your event will go live on this website in the 'find a farm' database so that people can search for and find your event - but don’t worry if you want to keep it private, you can do this too!

Order your resources. Order a range of FREE resources including posters and roadside banners to promote your event, posters and other goodies for displays on the day and leaflets, recipe cards and more as give-aways on the day!

If you have any questions you would like answered do contact your Open Farm Sunday Regional Co-ordinator or ring the LEAF office.

See you on 7th June 2015!

More reasons why farmers took part last year...

  • “To promote goodwill in the neighbourhood.”
  • “Long term understanding, appreciation and hopefully loyalty from visitors to 'Buy British & Local', benefitting the whole industry.”
  • “Tell people what we do for wildlife and bio-diversity.”
  • “The main reason is to educate children of where their food came from and we were also trying to inspire the next generation into agriculture.”
  • “Try to help the public understand farming and the countryside.”
  • “Better public relations.”
  • "We enjoy talking about what they do!"
  • “To bring the public closer to farming and to help them understand how food gets on the plate.”
  • “Helps to promote our wonderful, diverse industry and encourages collaboration between farmers.”
  • “Raised morale with staff and hopefully a raised profile as responsible farmers in the neighbourhood.”
  • "Promote wildlife conservation through farming."
  • “Increased community profile and generation of goodwill.”
  • “Increased staff self esteem, pride in a tidied up progressive farm.”
  • “To raise awareness of our diversification enterprises.”
  • “We don't sell to the public but its good to know you have told a few more people about dairy farming.”
  • “Increased sales and public awareness of what we do and why.”
  • “So that people who pass our farm understand better what we do.”