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The Media

If you want to attract lots of people to your event, then working with the media is a great way to do this. LEAF is putting a great deal of effort into attracting national and regional media coverage, however, the key to publicising your event will be down to you at a local level.  Click here to download a generic press release for you to personalise.

Some advice:

  • Your idea, your story has to stand out from the rest. It needs a ‘hook’.
  • Do some research first to be sure the paper/programme is interested in your kind of  issue
  • Read the paper or listen to/watch the broadcast so you know the context and characters involved.
  • Contact the journalist who you know has written/broadcast on that or a related issue before. 
  •  Concise, informative email message can attract journalist’s attention … a really eye catching photo of you and your farm can help.
  • Know whether your story is news or of general/human interest and then contact either the newsroom or feature writers, whichever is appropriate.

Give as much notice or lead time as you can. Give reminders.

  • Be absolutely clear of your message
  • Know how it is of relevance to the ‘readers/listeners’ lives
  • Refer to examples, feelings, people and places or events
  • On the radio, talk ‘in pictures’ that illustrate what you are saying 
  • Be aware of time constraint – is it a 30 second or 30 minute piece?
  • Talk to the audience and not just the interviewer
  • Don’t be rattled by tough questions. Focus on giving good answer.
  • Set aside plenty of time for a TV crew
  • Be ready to be filmed doing something as well as saying something
  • Have suggestions of where and what else could be filmed
  • Try to relax and be as natural as possible - be yourself
  • Try to catch the broadcast or read the article and work out how to do it even better next time!

For more top media tips contact order the Speak Out ‘tool kit’ CD Rom in your Open Farm Sunday resource pack when you register.