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Pollinator Survey 2014

Visitors to selected Open Farm Sunday events are being invited to take part in this year's Open Farm Sunday Pollinator Survey.  Organised by the NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) and LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming), a team of volunteer scientists and wildlife enthusiasts will be out on certain farms to help visitors to count the number and type of insects they see in different habitats, including field margins or crops.  
To find a farm which will be hosting the Pollinator Survey, look out for the pollinator 'bee' symbol whilst searching for a local farm to visit here
To find out more about pollinators and the survey, view the video below.
This year the Pollinator Survey is supported by The British ecological Society, Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Cotswold Seeds.

2013 Pollinator Survey Success!

Pollinator surveyIn 2013 the survey went national with with 31 farms participating across England, Wales and Scotland. It is a great example of citizen science helping scientists to build up a picture of the range and diversity of pollinating insects on UK farmland.  540 survey forms were completed.  9950 insects recorded (3,901 on flowers on crops and 6,049 on flowers in adjacent non-cop habitats.  Over 38 volunteer scientists from CEH and other organisations were on farms to guide the public.  A big thank you to everyone involved.

Why not take a look at our pollinator movie and find out the value of pollinators!